10 weeks to a 10k!

{August 3, 2011}   New blog!

Hey everyone (if you read this at all), I’ve created a new blog about exercise, mindfulness, and getting my life back in order.

check it out here: http://learningmindfully.blogspot.com/



{June 13, 2010}   impressed

hello hello!

I’ve really been trying to change myself. Not in a bad way–totally good.

1. I’ve “joined” some running groups online. I need to run with them in real life, but I am running into some problems. The first is that my schedule doesn’t really fit, but I can work on that. The second, and maybe the biggest, is that I don’t really understand how the running group will help beginners. I can’t run fast at all, so I would be a hassle to my fellow runners.

2. I’ve been reading some more books and articles about running and training and stuff like that. It’s so motivating. Working out is going to be difficult, but it’ll be worth it.

3. I was walking with a friend on the greenway the other day, and we decided to do a little endurance test. Basically, we ran until I couldn’t run anymore. and to my surprise! I lasted ten minutes. Considering in January I couldn’t last 2, I really think 10 is such an accomplishment.

4. My ankle doesn’t hurt when I run! 😀 😀

So that’s all for now, except that i’m searching for a 5k to do and beat my first time.

p.s.–fun fact for runners: trails are the best to run on and concrete is the worst .

{May 5, 2010}   new start

Hi everyone (not that a lot of people read this)!

I realize that I disappeared for just about two months. That is about to change. I stopped running, because my ankle was hurting and I was being mopey and decided not to do the 10k.

I have decided to restart the 5k. I loved training for the 5k! It had a lot of interval training and I really felt like i saw real improvement. I hope my ankle doesn’t hurt! But if it does I will get a brace and see a doctor. Don’t want to run on bad ankles.

So…there’s that.

p.s.–I’ve also starting composting.

p.p.s.–Does anyone juice?

{March 28, 2010}   Day 14, 15, and 16

So…this week has not been going as planned.

Friday I didn’t strength train.

Saturday I decided to go to a nearby greenway. I’ve been dreading running lately, so i thought a change of scenery would help. I went only and found a greenway very close to a shopping center. So i went to the greenway while my friends went shopping haha.

I warmed up my body. I was walking. Then i started my 3 mile jog. Guess what! After six minutes, i already had a cramp and my ankle was hurting. I decided to walk some more before jogging again, but as time went on, other parts of my legs started to hurt (right below the knees, calf, little bit of thigh).

I don’t know why i can’t even jog half a mile, but i’m worried now that i won’t be able to do a 10k. 😦

Today is cross-training. I hope i get it done. I’m thinking about dancing or doing jumping jacks.

{March 25, 2010}   Day 13

So… today was horrible. I thought it was going to rain, so i went to the gym. it was the long run of the week–3 miles. I got on the treadmill (already warmed up) and i started to jog the 5k loop function. Guess what. Within eight minutes, my abs and right calf cramped up. So then i noticed it indeed was NOT raining outside, so i went to finish my run outside. and the cramp was still there! i’m not doing my run. i’m taking a rest day.

{March 24, 2010}   Day 12

Completely exhausted!

Today is cross-training day for 40 minutes. I went to the gym and got on a very squeeky elliptical. a friend showed up! yay! we talked, as expected, and then i decided to get on a not-completely-annoying elliptical. good move. I was going to do the h.i.i.t. style of cross-training, but i was more tired than usual. i tried to keep my pace at about 6.0-7.0 mph, so, there’s that.

Then I was like “ooh what’s that?” as i looked around the gym. I thought it was a stairmaster, so i was going to challenge myself by doing 8 minutes of only stairmaster. yikes. but then i got there and it’s a thing called a “cross-trainer.” I’ve seen others like it, but they were more upright. this made me feel like i was slouching but i think i did alright. the legs move in a more vertical oval instead of the elliptical’s horizontal style. The arm pumps are also farther out, so you can use them to work the arms more. Work upper and lower body at the same time=cross trainer! so i really like that maschine.

i also saw another friend, so he’s going to introduce me to the weight training side of the gym. (i have dumbbells, but it’s okay to use maschines too)

Sooooo i’m excited!

Except for the fact that my stomach has been really bothering me? weird.

{March 22, 2010}   Day 10

I know i shouldn’t, but i’m skipping today. Why? Because my foot really really hurts. Like…it hurts to walk. So if it hurts walking, it’ll hurt jogging. I’m not doing it. I might feel bad about it all day today and tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen.

Let it be written. (hah)

{March 21, 2010}   Day 9

I guess i should talk more about myself. I’m a full-time student with full-time extracurricular activities and i’m trying to get healthy. It doesn’t seem so bad. I’m just constantly stressed about getting my work done on time. That’s why i try to exercise as early as possible. If i do it, it’s done and i can focus on school and other things.

Today’s been pretty stressful. I have to do research from two german books, read the latter part of Acts, and other crazy school assignments. I wanted to sleep all day, but alas i cannot.

So i did part of my german work. then i went to the gym and biked (while reading) for my cross-training day! it wasn’t as exhausting as usual, but i definitely felt it. it’s amazing the changes i’ve already seen. i’m toner! and that’s only a bonus for being able to run a 10k.

i like where this is going.

{March 20, 2010}   Day 7 and 8

Day 7 was strength training day! Originally i had planned to do an hour of medium intense training, but i changed it to half an hour of intense. So i did the usual: biceps curls, crunches, lunges, jumping squats, and others. but i did it barefoot, so now i think i have a sprained toe. is that even possible? That was okay.

Day 8 (today) was very different. I was supposed to run 2.5 miles, but i knew i would be contra dancing (best dancing ever!!). So anyway, i jogged for 1.5 miles and did 2 hours of contra. That was so much fun but now i have raw spots. I’m glad they’re not blisters!

Question: what is your favourite cardio thing/routine to do at the gym?

take care!

{March 18, 2010}   Day 6

Okay, so here’s how it went down. I was recently told that there are some trails on campus. (Because of cool aunt Kathy) I asked how safe they were; my friend said “if you scream someone will hear.” Well that’s great. But I looked on a map and there is a neighborhood right next door.

So i went and i saw some people on the trail yay! it’s a 2.2 mile loop. i was going along and doing perfectly fine, but then there was a fork in the trail. i decided to go to the right side. but i discovered several trees had fallen, what i thought was blocking the path. so i went back to the fork and went to the left side. apparently that’s the wrong side. i freaked out a little, but made it to the trail.

on another note, trail running is cool! i don’t even realize how far i’ve gone and the scenery is nice and everything’s just kind of surreal.

i feel like i’m getting stronger and better already.

so the bad thing is, now that i’m doing a lot of exercise again, i feel entitled to eat more. i don’t know where that’s going, but there it is.

{March 17, 2010}   Day 5

lesson of the day: h.i.i.t. training (high intensity interval training) feels sooooo good! Basically, you incorporate sprint-like paces into your exercise. (click here for more information)

Anyway, today was cross-training day! huzzah! Yesterday was a rest day, and boy, was it appreciated. I can still feel the strength training session in my chest, arms, and thighs. yay.

So back to cross-training. I did the elliptical, a nice, safe way to exercise. I might use the bike next time, but we don’t have the uprights. lame. So that was good and fun and exhausting.

p.s.–those running shirts that wick away sweat? amazing.

{March 17, 2010}   poll!

which do you prefer to run on?

{March 15, 2010}   Day 3

lesson of the day: endurance over speed

I jogged two miles today without stopping! but yes, i was going the speed a snail would. you know what? that’s okay! (it’s also okay to walk 🙂 ) but more about today. i love going through this neighborhood right next to school. it’s so quiet and woody. before i went, i mapped my path to get to two miles on mapmyrun.com. great site. so anywho, i read on the 100 beginner tips (link is on the right) that i should start slow, even if i feel like i’m going too slow. but i made it! i think next time i run two miles, i’ll go even faster, although really, it took probably 30 minutes. w00t.

so after the jog i had to do strength training. you know what i hate? lunges. but they’re so good for the body, so i stopped whining and did it.

so hooray for a bad day being followed by a good one.

{March 13, 2010}   Day 1

So I don’t really know how to keep up a blog, but here’s to a hearty first try!

Background info: i started running January of this year (2010) in order to complete my first 5k. Mostly, it was to lose weight, but a lot of it was also about finishing something. So now that i have run my first 5k (time: slightly over 41 minutes), i’m looking onto bigger and better things. Particularly, a 10k.

I have a pretty intense training schedule, full of running days, cross-training days, strength training, and of course, those necessary rest days. I have to do this all in 10 weeks. So let the journey begin!

Day 1: run 2.75 miles. not succeeded. I went to the gym, despite that i don’t like treadmills. i started jogging at a comfortable pace and could only complete one mile before having to walk. [sadface] anyway, i think this poor performance can be attributed to my not exercising for two weeks, my not eating before i jogged, and my just having a bad day. those happen.

Later i read that walking isn’t something to be ashamed of. so i won’t be.

et cetera